Writings on Dance

about us

Writings on Dance is a journal of analysis, commentary, theory of the moving body, Writings on Dance is committed to supporting alternative practices in dance and other arts through documentation, critical reflection, and commentary. It is primarily a journal by and for artists.

However, it also invites the participation of and contributions from philosophy, Cultural theory, anthropology and other disciplines with a view to exploring intersections between performance practices and contemporary cultural debates.

Each volume of Writings on Dance is conceived as a small edited collection. The journal is highly regarded for the quality of its contents and presentation. Publication design is by Ian Roberston, Graphic Design.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Writings on Dance is distributed internationally by subscription. Writings on Dance Incorporated has been publishing Writings on Dance journal since 1985. We also organise performances, symposia and conferences.

Writings on Dance Incorporated is on the Register of Cultural Organisations as a tax deductible gift recipient. You are invited to make a donation.